Robotic for Managers – All Around Robot Safety

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Target Group
Managers responsible for production automation in SMEs; managers in companies planning to automate their production lines with robots; managers who take up responsibility in robot automated departments; maintenance manager; manufacturing manager
You will learn which framework conditions you need to consider in advance in order to safely integrate a robot cell into your production environment. This includes the identification of safety features, the assessment of potential hazards, risk analysis and assessment, knowledge of safety standards and regulations as well as operating instructions and the second set of operating instructions, the identification of responsibilities in the event of accidents and much more.
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  • Identifying safety features of a typical robot cell
  • Spotting an assessing potential hazards
  • Importance of risk analysis and assessment when integrating robots into a production environment
  • Safety standards and regulations
  • Operating instructions and second set of operating instructions
  • Responsibilities during an accident
  • KUKA College Training s
  • Safety features of cobots
Duration 25 minutes
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