Retrain Robot Programming KSS 8.x (KR C4 / KR C5)

Target Group

Those retraining from other robot systems (ABB, Fanuc, etc.) with several years of relevant programming experience and high-level language knowledge


The goal of the seminar is to acquire the following skills:

  • Knowing the user interface and menu structure
  • Jogging the robot in all available coordinate systems
  • Carrying out the commissioning procedures mastering and tool/base calibration
  • Creating robot programs with movements and logic functions
  • Structuring programs using local, simple variables, loops and subprograms in KRL (KUKA Robot Language)
  • Programming user messages in KRL
  • Programming movements with calculated positions and relative movements
  • Several years of programming experience with industrial robot systems
  • Knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • Knowledge of industrial robot basics
  • Knowledge of start-up (mastering, calibration of tools, workpieces)
  • Knowledge of coordinate systems
  • Knowledge of motion types (axis-specific as well as continuous-path motions)
  • Knowledge of programming in general
  • Knowledge of system concepts
  • Safety when working with KUKA robots
  • Advanced knowledge of the structure of a robot system
  • Executing robot programs manually, in automatic mode and via an external controller
  • Human-machine communication
    • Displaying and configuring the logbook
    • Displaying robot states (signals, timers, cyclical flags, counters)
    • Displaying the current robot position
  • Using technology packages (KUKA.GripperTech)
    • Gripper operation and programming gripper commands with KUKA inline forms
    • Configuration for simple programming of gripper commands
  • Working with program files
    • Creating user-defined program modules
    • Integrating newly created programs into the (configured) PLC interface on the robot side
    • Archiving and restoring robot programs
  • Displaying and adapting saved values (variables)
  • Modifying existing or creating new programmed motions with KUKA macros
    • Moving the robot manually
    • Creating and modifying programmed motions with the aid of KUKA inline forms
  • Programming and applying logical functions in motion programs
    • Programming wait functions with the aid of KUKA inline forms
    • Programming simple switching functions with the aid of KUKA inline forms
    • Programming path-related switching functions with the aid of KUKA inline forms
  • Performing commissioning tasks on the robot
    • Mastering the robot
    • Setting up a tool: measuring the geometry and assigning the load data
    • Setting up, calibrating and offsetting a workpiece base
    • Calibrating a fixed tool / robot-guided workpiece
  • Successful programming with KRL (KUKA Robot Language) and WorkVisual
    • Workflow of a programming project for robot programs
    • Structuring and streamlining robot programs with KRL
    • Programming with conditional statements and branches
    • Programming with loops and jumps
    • Linking robot programs with parameter transfer
  • Working with variables
    • Programming with important system variables
  • Creating and modifying programmed motions in KRL
    • Calculating and manipulating robot positions
    • Programming relative motions
    • Programming geometric offsets for robot positions
  • Programming logic functions in KRL
    • Programming path-related switching functions (e.g. for adhesive application, welding)
    • Path-related calling of subprograms in the program sequence
  • Linking robot programs
    • Using global and local subprograms
    • Program links with parameter transfer
  • Programming project: cycle time optimization using the example of a palletizing application
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
Teaching resources and supervision

Training venue: KUKA College

Methodology: Presentations, questions and answers, partner work, learning videos

Teaching aids: Screen/projector, white boards, tablets, KUKA software

Training documentation: Documentation in printed or digital form

Practical exercises: Practical exercises using training robot cells

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