System Integrator Workshop (Virtual) KSS 8.x (KR C4)

Target Group
Controls / robotics technicians responsible for integration of KUKA robots into automation systems.
The goal of this workshop is to acquire functional knowledge of robot start-up, configuration and integration.
  • Seminar: Robot Programming 1 KSS 8.x
  • Good Internet Connectivity – https://www.speedtest.net/
  • Min 25Mbps download and 10Mbps upload
  • Laptop or PC with Administrator access
  • Two monitors/screens
  • Headphones with Microphone
  • Quiet Environment
  • Initial Startup
    • Commissioning procedure
    • Powering Up
    • Backup
    • Batteries
  • WorkVisual
    • Installation and initial setup
    • Hardware configuration
    • Configuring the KUKA Line Interface, collecting project from controller
    • Tech package installation
    • Device description file management
    • Safety interface configuration
    • Project deployment, backup and restoration
    • Programming and diagnosis
  • Integration of KUKA external axis
    • Transforms
    • Calibration
    • Mathematical coupling
  • Fieldbus configuration
    • Technology overview and basic concepts
    • Configuring field bus devices online
    • Coupling and decoupling of modules
    • Network safety overview
  • Safe Operation
    • Introduction to Safe Operation
    • Interfaces to the higher-level controller
      • Diagnosis
      • Messages
    • Configuring SafeOperation with WorkVisual
      • Setup Safe TCP
      • Setup Zell
      • Setup Safe Zone
    • Configuring safety parameters on the robot
    • Programming mastering test
    • Programming brake test
  • Expert Level Programming (Optional)
    • Auto External
    • Cell.src
    • Submit interpreter
    • Multi- Submit
    • User Messages
    • Special functions and sub routines
    • System Variables
  • Additional Topics
    • The USB Recovery Stick
    • Xpert@Work/Kuka.com
    • How to get updates
  • The workshop does not end with an achievement test
  • A confirmation of participation is issued on successful completion of the course
  • This workshop cannot be used as a prerequisite for future KUKA certified training
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