Student Basic KSS 8.x (KR C4 / KR C5)

Target Group
Apprentices and students undergoing training in technical courses, occupations and branches of study such as vocational schools, training workshops, universities of applied sciences.
During this seminar the participants will learn the basics of operating and programming a KUKA robot system.
Technical understanding, spatial imagination, participants in training
  • Structure and function of a KUKA Robot system
    • Introduction to KUKA robots
    • Safety
    • Robot jogging
    • Reading and interpreting messages
    • Operating mode selection
    • Single axis jogging
    • Coordinate systems in robots
    • Cartesian jogging
    • Principles of mastering and calibration of tools and bases
    • Load data
  • Execute initialisation move
    • Selection and execution of programs
  • File handling
    • Creation of modules
    • Modification of modules
    • Archiving and restoring of modules
    • Checking the logfile
  • Movement programming
    • Programming of axis moves
    • Programming of path moves
    • Movement programming in KRL
  • Introduction to logic
    • Programming of wait functions
    • Programming of simple switch instructions
  • Using techpacks
    • Gripper operation with KUKA.GripperTech
    • Gripper configuration with KUKA.GripperTech
    • Gripper programming with KUKA.GripperTech
    • Handling of variables
  • Monitoring and modifying variables
    • Checking robot variables
    • Declaration of variables
    • Manipulation of position variables
    • Successful programming in KRL
  • Structure of robot programs
    • Calling of subroutines
    • Usage of execution control structures
    • Programming of a simple decision
    • Programming of a case decision
    • Programming of loops
  • The course ends with a certificate of achievement
  • After successful completion of the course, a KUKA Student Certificate will be granted
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