Basics of robot cell, PLC and fieldbus

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Target Group
KUKA robot programmer, service technicians and maintenance personnel
Gain basic knowledge of a PLC, a field bus system and safety communication with a robot.
two media learning modules of 15 min duration
  • Become familiar with the chronology of plant communication.
  • Become familiar with the plant communication between a PLC and a single or several workstations.
  • Understand the master-slave principle in a fieldbus communication.
  • Become familiar with the layer of the communication pyramid
  • Become familiar with the minimum safety requirements of a robot cell
  • Understanding the function of safe inputs and outputs
  • Become familiar with the two possibilities of a safety communication between a safety controller and a robot controller
  • Become familiar with the control tasks of a safety PLC in a production line
There is no certificate for this course.
Duration 1 Hours
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