KUKA.Sim 4.0

Target Group
Cell planners and robot programmers
The goal of the seminar is to acquire the following skills:
  • Creating system components in KUKA.Sim using CAD data and integrating them into the simulation
  • Kinematizing and integrating grippers
  • Creating and testing robot programs offline in KUKA.Sim
  • Carrying out cycle time determination and collision check
  • Seminar: Robot Programming 1, KSS 8.x
  • Orientation with the aid of video tutorials
When attending an online course, KUKA.Sim 4.0 must be installed beforehand and fully functional.
The following equipment is recommended for an online training course:
  • A laptop equipped with (licensed) KUKA.Sim 4.0 and OfficeLite
  • Good Internet connection
  • Physical mouse with scroll wheel
  • 2 monitors helpful (optional)
  • Product overview
  • Processing CAD data
    • Breaking down CAD data
    • Creating components from CAD data
  • Kinematizing grippers
  • Linking signals (robot - gripper)
  • Creating components
    • Conveyor component with functional principle
  • Programming
    • Layout preparation for robot programming
    • Programming with linear units
    • Programming with external TCP
    • Cycle time determination
    • Collision check
    • Programming with loops and control structures
    • Program adaptations
  • The course ends with an achievement test
    • Achievement test based on practical exercises
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
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