KUKA.Sim 4.0 Tutorial

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Target Group
This video is especially recommended for KUKA robot programmers, service technicians and maintenance personnel.
In this tutorial you will get to know various tools of KUKA.Sim 4.0 in short learning units. It serves as an additional familiarization with the software.
  • Insight into the eCAT – Properties, which allows the import of components and the search function in a 3D environment (robot configurations)
  • The three different motion modes (Zoom, Pan, Orbit) and their various functions
  • Learn more about the Render Mode and its functions within the 3D world
  • Get to know the Robot Jog and its various movement possibilities in the 3D view, the jogging panel as well as the axis-specific and Cartesian movement (jog points)
  • Introduction to the CAD import of a STEP file as well as the adjustments and origin changes
  • Insight into the Place Component and the three different point methods
  • Introduction to the PnP Function – automatic snapping of components
  • Definition of the Tool & Base Configuration as well as the 1- or 2-point method
  • Definition of the Home Position and the differences to the point setting
  • Getting to know the Robot program Take Cube and its different methods (Snap Function, Manipulator, Copy Point and Action Gripper)
  • Introduction to the Robot program Drop Cube and its different approaches (manipulator, snap function, align function, action release cube)
  • Insight into the Robot program Structure and possible approaches to implementing subroutines, swapping points and adding subroutine calls
  • Robot program Gripping Principle – explanation of the gripping principle
  • Presentation of the export of a 3D PDF as well as the controls: Zooming, rotating and panning
  • Brief introduction to the different 2D views as well as displaying drawing formats and adding dimensions
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Duration 1 Hours
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