Exploring the iiQKA user interface

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Target Group
This e-learning is intended for anyone who is seeing the iiQKA user interface for the first time. It serves as an introduction to the topic iiQKA Cobots.
In this e-learning you will get to know the iiQKA user interface and get a first insight into the system software "iiQKA V1.0".
    • Insight into the view of the three different user roles and the login
    • Getting to know the main view and the different functions
    • Introduction to the main menu bar and all global command structures and information
    • Introduction to the view of the scene as well as the most important interactions and robot specific settings
    • Overview of the view selection and its different configuration options
    • Introduction to the setup view and the hardware specific view
    • Insight into the program view as well as the motion sequences and logic functions
    • Familiarization with program creation and intuitive operation via drag & drop
    • Insight into monitoring for system-wide provision of information, warnings and errors
    • Presentation of the control of the LBR iisy via the hardware keys
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