iiQKA Position adjustment with the LBR iisy

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In this e-learning you will learn basic knowledge about the technology, measuring methods and the procedure for position adjustment. The information refers to the "LBR iisy" with the system software "iiQKA Version 1.0".
Basics of position adjustment:
  • Insight into the necessity of a robot adjustment
  • Getting to know the different adjustment positions for the different robot types
  • Test on the necessity of position adjustment
  • Introduction to the behavior of a misaligned robot as well as to the limited functionalities with cartesian manual procedure, program operation, safe monitoring

Adjustment means and adjustment principle:
  • Insight into the integrated adjustment mechanism "Magnetic Mastering Device" (MMD).
  • Presentation of the adjustment principle and the associated components

Execution of the adjustment:
  • Carrying out the standard adjustment with the KUKA smartPAD pro.
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