Robot Programming 1 KSS 8.x (KR C4 / KR C5)

Target Group

Robot programmers


The goal of the seminar is to acquire the following skills:

  • Operating a robotic cell in compliance with the relevant safety regulations
  • Jogging the robot in all available coordinate systems
  • Carrying out the commissioning procedures mastering and tool/base calibration
  • Creating robot programs with motions and logic functions using KUKA inline forms
  • Knowledge of local, simple variables, loops and global subprograms
  • Vocational training in a technical job
  • Structure and function of a KUKA robot system
  • Robot safety
  • Basic operation of the robot system
  • Jogging the robot
  • Coordinate systems in conjunction with robots
  • Mastering the robot
  • Calibration of a tool including load data
  • Base calibration (workpiece coordinate system)
  • Executing robot programs
  • Creating and editing program modules
  • Archiving and restoring robot programs
  • Creating, modifying and optimizing programmed motions using the teaching method
  • Use of grippers with KUKA.GripperTech
  • Use of wait functions and switching functions
  • Using conditional statements, branches and switch statements
  • Programming loops
  • Insight into the use of simple variables
  • Structuring and linking robot programs
  • Preparation of programs for program start by the PLC (Cell.src)
  • Introduction to KUKA.WorkVisual
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
Teaching resources and supervision

Training venue: KUKA College

Methodology: Presentations, questions and answers, partner work, learning videos

Teaching aids: Screen/projector, white boards, tablets, KUKA software

Training documentation: Documentation in printed or digital form

Practical exercises: Practical exercises using training robot cells

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