Operation of KUKA.SafeOperation V3.x KR C4

Target Group
Robot Service Technician, Maintenance personnel
The participants in this seminar acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to do successfully maintenance and repair tasks at robots equipped with KUKA.SafeOperation 2.x. Topics covered are specifics of commissioning and re-commissioning, additional hardware, and operation and diagnosis.
  • Seminar: Robot Programming 1 KSS 8.x (KR C4)
  • Saftey SafeOperation
  • Description of SafeOperation 3.x
    • Areas of application for SafeOperation
    • Safe robot retraction
  • Programming a mastering test
    • Programming a mastering test
    • Teaching the reference position
    • Performing a reference run
  • Programming the brake test
    • Programming the brake test
    • Performing a brake test
    • Brake test self-test
  • Diagnosis with SafeOperation
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
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