WOPCore eLearning

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Target Group
This e-learning is recommended for KUKA robot programmers.
The aim of this eLearning is to give you the basic knowledge on how to configure and how to use the WopCore.
  • Duration of around 2h30.
  • It contains 20 chapters with 7 quizzes in between to assess the learner's knowledge
Basic knowledge on how to move and program the robot. (DOES NOT REPLACE A GENUINE TRAINING)
  • The WopCore installation
  • The WopCore Cell HMI description
  • The WopCore directories and files explanations
  • The WopCore basic configuration
  • Programs creation and backup via the appropriate Wopcore HMIs
  • Simple cycle code creation
  • Cycle code call via the WopCore Master’s program
  • Cycle code improvement
  • User messages introduction
  • Background task messages
  • Robot interpreter messages
There is no certificate for this course.
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