Robot Operation PRO KSS 8.x (KR C4 / KR C5)

Target Group

Robot operators


The goal of the seminar is to be able to:

  • Operate the robot compliant with the relevant safety regulations
  • Move the robot manually and restart the robot production after a program stop
  • Modify existing robot programs without changing the program structure (be able to change parameters e.g. velocity and modify position coordinates)
  • Create new programs, based on existing ones and adapt them to change
  • none
  • Safety when working with KUKA robots
    • Recognizing and avoiding hazards when operating KUKA robots
    • Overview of safety facilities when operating KUKA robots
  • Basic knowledge of the structure of a robot system
  • Moving the robot manually
    • Safe robot retraction, individual axes
    • Retracting the robot safely with linear motions, in relation to robot, tool and workpiece
  • Starting and executing robot programs manually and in automatic mode
    • Selecting and setting the appropriate operating mode
    • Performing an initialization run
    • Selecting, starting and executing robot programs
    • Executing a program start via a PLC
  • Human-machine communication
    • Displaying and filtering the logbook
    • Displaying robot states (I/O signals, timers, cyclical flags, counters)
    • Reading and interpreting robot controller messages
    • Displaying the current robot position
    • Displaying saved values (variables) and modifying the values
  • Using technology packages
    • Gripper operation
    • Programming gripper commands with KUKA inline forms
  • Working with program files
    • Deleting, renaming, duplicating program modules
    • Archiving and restoring program modules
  • Reading structured programs and program flowcharts
  • Adapting and modifying robot programs
    • Creating new motion commands (point-to-point and continuous-path motions) with KUKA inline forms
    • Modifying motion commands
    • Correcting and adapting positions
  • Reading and understanding logic commands in existing programs
  • Principle of mastering and checking the mastering
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
Teaching resources and supervision

Training venue: KUKA College

Methodology: Presentations, questions and answers, partner work, learning videos

Teaching aids: Screen/projector, white boards, tablets, KUKA software

Training documentation: Documentation in printed or digital form

Practical exercises: Practical exercises using training robot cells

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