Electrical Servicing KR C2 / KR C2 edition2005

Target Group
Robot Service Technicans
The goal of the seminar is to be able to:
  • manipulate the robot compliant with robot safety regulations
  • perform back-up and restoration of the robot software
  • diagnose electrical faults by using various diagnosis systems and fix them by exchanging components
  • Electric specialist
  • Seminar "Robot Operation" or "Basic Robot Programming"
  • Proper use of the safety facilities for KUKA industrial robots
  • Mode of operation of the individual components of the computer hardware and the drive system
  • Removing and installing controller comonents according to ESD-regulations
  • Removing and installing components of the drive system
  • Presentation of the software components
  • Design and mode of operation of the internal safety circuit, connection of the external safety equipment
  • Diagnostic tools for drive system and safety circuit
  • Block diagrams, wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams
  • Commissioning a new robot system (installation, connection, start-up, mastering)
  • Software installation
  • Locating the source of defects (by interpreting indications and error messages, tracing signals on the basis of circuit diagrams, using diagnostic tools)
  • Correcting faults
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
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