Selection and Integration of Robots KR C4

Target Group
Cell designers, constructers, project managers, system planners, system integrators
In this workshop, a participant learns about the principles of choosing a robot, mechanical and electrical integration and software integrations as well as the fundamental processes when construing a robot cell conforming to safety standards
  • Technical prequalification in automation engineering OR
  • Respective job training and experience with machinery construction or plant manufacturing
  • Own laptop with admin rights
  • Principles in Robotics: What is a robot and what can it be used for?
  • Choice of Robot: How do I choose a suitable robot for my application?
    • The correct model of a robot: The KUKA Overview of types
      • Robot variations standard, foundry, console, etc.
      • Exercise: Choose correct model of robot
    • Accuracies: Repeat and/or absolute accuracies?
      • Exercise: Define robot accuracy for my application
    • Encumbrances on robots: choice of robot with KUKA.Load
      • Exercise: Choose robot according to nominal, bearing and additional load
    • Simulation: Accessibility analysis with KUKA Sim.Layout 3.0
      • Exercise: Place robot in the correct cell
    • Tool: How do I choose the correct energy input for my application?
      • Exercise: Choice of energy input according to customer requirements
    • Assembling: How do I install robot, control und tool?
      • Exercise: Using KUKA Xpert for CAD and documentation
  • Control: Which (safety-) interfaces are required?
    • Overview fieldbus, digital IO’s, connector panels and optional interface
    • Safety Engineering: Connection via X11, X13 or safe fieldbus
    • Robot cells according to safety standards with SafeOperation
      • Overview safe workspaces, velocities and tools
      • Safe functions on robot control
      • Exercise: Choice of correct interfaces and functions by customer examples
  • Application Software: Which additional software do I need for a simple implementation of my ap-plication?
    • KUKA.Grippertech: to operate and program my gripper
    • KUKA.HMIEasy: Creating my own HMI
    • Remotesupportview: Remote maintenance of my KUKA Controller
    • Connection PLC/Control System (KUKA.EthernetKRL, etc.)
    • Etc.
After a successful participation, each participant receives a certificate of participation.
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