Start-up of KUKA AMR/KMP with KUKA.AMR OS and KUKA.AMR Fleet

Target Group

System integrators, start-up technicians


The goal of the seminar is to acquire the following skills:

  • Installation and use of KUKA.AMR Fleet and KUKA Studio Software
  • Generation and calibration of building maps
  • Configuration of motions via KUKA.AMR Fleet
  • Creation of events
  • Use of an external controller with KUKA.AMR Fleet
  • Understanding the safety concept of KUKA AMRs
  • Experience in the start-up of machines and systems
  • Basic knowledge of programming

The topic of this seminar is the KUKA AMRs with the “KUKA.AMR OS” operating system, which are operated with the “KUKA.AMR Fleet” fleet management software. The following KUKA AMRs are covered: KMP 1500P, KMP 600P, KMP 600S-2, KMP 600W, KMP 3000P (omni), KMR iisy.

Please note: Mobile platforms/mobile robots with the operating system “KUKA.Sunrise OS” are dealt with in the seminar “KMP/KMR – Sunrise OS Start-Up and Programming”. These include KMR iiwa and KMR/KMP 200 (KUKA.Sunrise OS).

  • Safe operation of the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) system
  • Basic structure of robot and charging station
  • Difference between QR code navigation and SLAM navigation
  • Installation, programming and configuration
    • Installation and configuration of the software components
    • Configuration of the robot with KUKA.AMR Fleet and KUKA Studio
    • Creation, modification and configuration of motion paths in KUKA.AMR Fleet
    • Creation of building maps
    • Understanding laser scanning (SLAM, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
    • Loading and setting down of goods using an integrated lift
    • Data transfer to and from the robot
  • Connection of an external controller
    • Configuration of the connection in KUKA.AMR Fleet
    • Reacting to inputs and outputs of the external controller
    • Integration of events in the motion path
  • Data backup
  • Navigation using QR codes and hybrid
    • Definition and creation of QR codes using the QR code generator
  • Safety
    • Safety equipment on the AMR
    • Understanding the warning and safety fields of the vehicle
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
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