Electrical Servicing - System Technology KR C4, KR C4 compact, KR C4 smallsize 2

Target Group

Robot Service Technician


The goal of the seminar is to be able to:

  • Manipulate the robot compliant with robot safety regulations
  • Perform back-up and restoration of the robot software
  • Diagnose electrical faults by using various diagnosis systems and fix them by exchanging components

Qualified electrician

  • Safety when working with KUKA training robots
    • Recognizing and avoiding hazards when handling electrical components of the KR C4
    • Avoiding hazards when handling electrostatic sensitive devices (ESD) of the KR C4
  • Structure and function of a KUKA robot system
    • Overview of the mechanical system of a KUKA robot
    • Overview of the KR C4 robot controller
    • Overview of KUKA smartPAD
    • Robot safety
  • Moving the robot
    • Reading and interpreting robot controller messages
    • Selecting and setting the operating mode
    • Moving robot axes individually
    • Coordinate systems in connection with robots
    • Moving the robot in the world coordinate system
  • Start-up tasks on the robot
    • Principle of mastering
    • Performing robot mastering
  • Executing robot programs
    • Performing an initialization run
    • Selecting and starting robot programs
  • Creating and modifying programmed motions
    • Creating new motion commands
    • Creating cycle-time optimized motions (axis motions)
  • Basic knowledge of the structure of KR C4-based controllers
    • Technical data and control concept
    • Familiarization with KR C4 bus systems
    • Structure of the interface panel
    • Cabinet cooling and saving energy
  • Restoring and backing up images
  • Basic knowledge of the structure of a KR C4 control computer
    • Replacing the control PC correctly
    • Replacing the individual PC components
  • Overview and functional principle of the different KR C4 bus systems
    • Exchanging drive components on the KUKA Controller Bus
    • Interfacing capability of the KR C4 controller using the KUKA Extension Bus and the KUKA Line Interface
    • Familiarization with the basic principle of the EtherCAT internal field bus system
  • Passive components of the KR C4
    • Understanding the functional principle
    • Exchanging components
  • KR C4 safety concept
    • Safety via Ethernet-based field bus systems
    • Safety via conventional interfaces X11 and X13
  • Practical troubleshooting
    • Using the diagnostic monitor and DiagnoseSafety
    • Interpreting the diagnostic LEDs
    • Starting KRCDiag
    • Starting predefined trace configurations
  • Familiarization with the differences between control cabinets
    • KR C4 North America and midsize
    • KR C4 extended
    • KR C4 compact
    • KR C4 smallsize-2
  • Maintenance tables and maintenance intervals
    • Practical performance of maintenance on the controller
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
Teaching resources and supervision

Training venue: KUKA College

Methodology: Presentations, questions and answers, partner work, learning videos

Teaching aids: Screen/projector, white boards, tablets, KUKA software

Training documentation: Documentation in printed or digital form

Practical exercises: Practical exercises using training robot cells

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