iiQKA Overview iiQKA user interface

Target Group
This video is especially recommended for KUKA robot programmers, service technicians and maintenance personnel.
In this tutorial you will learn the basics of the iiQKA user interface of the KUKA smartPad PRO as well as its operating and configuration options.
  • Overview of the intuitive iiQKA user interface, which enables the central execution of work steps
  • Presentation of the most important elements, interactions as well as the robot-specific settings
  • Insight in the tool setup, -calibration with final report as well as parameter settings
  • Introduction to the configuration as well as to the topology which provides the connection to the outside world
  • Insight in the adjustment and the individual robot axes incl. statis display
  • Brief insight into programming via drag and drop
  • Notes on brake testing and safety
  • Become familiar with monitoring for system-wide information, warning and error provisioning.
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