Start-up of KR C4 / KR C5-based Robot Systems

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Target Group

Robot / system programmers and start-up technicians


The goal of the seminar is to be able to:

  • Install and cable the robot controller and robot arm correctly and expertly
  • Perform mastering, tool calibration and workpiece calibration
  • Establish communication between the robot controller, PLC and robot periphery (e.g. gripper system) by means of start-up and configuration of field bus systems using KUKA.WorkVisual
  • Operate and jog the robot system in accordance with the applicable safety regulations and to create a test program

Relevant professional experience in the area of automation technology

  • Introduction to the KUKA robot system
    • Using the robot system
    • Manual operation of the robot system
  • Installation and wiring of the robot system
    • Robot installation
    • Fastening options
    • Loads on the robot
    • Transportation and installation instructions
  • Introduction to the functional principles of the robot system
    • Configuration and function of the KR C4 and KR C5
    • System-specific interfaces
  • Configuring the system with KUKA.WorkVisual configuration software
    • Fundamentals of configuration
    • Device-specific catalog elements
    • Expansion options
    • Data backup
  • Preparing the system for use
    • Robot mastering
    • Tool and base calibration
    • Fundamentals of program creation
    • Configuration and use of technology packages using KUKA.GripperTech
    • Information about the use of the dress package
    • Configuration of workspaces for system protection
  • Integrating subordinate field bus devices
    • Use of field bus modules based on the example of PROFINET, EtherCAT or EtherNet IP
  • Establishing communication with a higher-level controller
    • Safe communication to PLC (system safety)
    • Standard communication to PLC
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
Teaching resources and supervision

Training venue: KUKA College

Methodology: Presentations, questions and answers, partner work, learning videos

Teaching aids: Screen/projector, white boards, tablets, KUKA software

Training documentation: Documentation in printed or digital form

Practical exercises: Practical exercises using training robot cells

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