iiQKA Configuration Inputs and Outputs

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Target Group
This e-learning is particularly recommended for KUKA robot operators and commissioning engineers.
In this e-learning you will learn the basic knowledge about connecting external devices to the discrete interface of the controller.
  • Basics of the installation:
    • Getting to know the servo-electric 2-finger gripper
    • Insight into the mechanical attachment and electrical connection of the gripper
    • Overview of the connection procedure from an electric gripper to the KR C5 micro
  • Elementary knowledge of the input and output configuration:
    • Introduction to the principle of signal agreement between the physical and digital interfaces
    • Insight into the definition and linking of digital signals
    • Introduction to the manual test procedure for using the output signal
    • Getting to know the I/O configuration and the comparison of safe and unsafe signals
    • Introduction to linking the necessary gripper signals to ensure complete operation of the gripper
  • Capabilities configuration:
    • Getting to know the configuration for easy operation and programming
  • Application in the program:
    • Presentation of the implementation of the capabilities in a program
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