The goal of the seminar is to be able to:
  • explain the different possibilities of KUKA.SafeOperation technology
  • configure, test and document the safe parameter settings
  • program and configure mastering test and brake test
  • visualize and analyze safety signals for diagnostics
The goal of the seminar is to be able to:
  • operate a robot cell compliant with robot safety regulations
  • jog the robot in all available coordinate systems
  • carry out the commissioning procedures mastering and tool/base calibration
  • create robot programs with movements and logic functions
  • declare and use simple variables, loops and global sub-programs in KRL (KUKA robot language)
The goal of this workshop is to acquire functional knowledge of robot start-up, configuration and integration.
Creation of extensive layouts with the College training cell
The goal of the seminar is to be able to:
  • use KUKA.Workvisual as a programming environment (IDE)
  • declare and use complex variables, loops and local sub- programs in KRL (KUKA robot language)
  • program user messages in KRL
  • program movements with calculated positions and relative movements in KRL
  • program reactions to sensor or plc input by using interrupt programming
The goal of this custom training is to acquire functional knowledge of Sim Pro 3.x
System integrators with experience in PLC programming will be enabled to install, commission and configurate KUKA.PLC mxAutomation. The programming of KUKA robots with KUKA.PLC mxAutomation function blocks is also content of the training.
Training is available for the following PLC types on request:
  • Siemens:
    • SIMATIC TIA-Portal / Step 7
  • 3S-Software:
    • CoDeSys 3
  • Beckhoff :
    • TwinCAT 3
  • Rockwell Automation:
    • RS-Logix 5000
  • B&R:
    • Automation Studio 4
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