Robot Programming 2 KSS 8.x (KR C4)Seminar

Target Group
Goal of the seminar is to enhance the KUKA programming language KRL skills and to use it in structured progams.
  • Seminar: Robot Programming 1
  • WorkVisual as a programming environmet
    • Opening a project with WorkVisual
    • Comparing projects with WorkVisual
    • Transferring a project to the robot controller (installing)
    • Activating a project on the robot controller
  • Editing KRL programs with WorkVisual
    • File handling
    • Working with the KRL editor
  • Structured programming
    • Objective of a consistent programming methodology
    • Procedures for creating structured robot programs
    • Creating a program flowchart
  • Introduction to Expert level
    • Using Expert level
  • Variables and declarations
    • Arrays with KRL
    • Structures with KRL
    • Enumeration data type ENUM
  • Subprograms and functions
    • Working with local subprograms
    • Working with global subprograms
    • Transferring parameters to subprograms
    • Programming functions
    • Working with standard KUKA functions
  • Customized messages programming with KRL
    • Working with a notification message
    • Working with a status message
    • Working with an acknowledgement message
    • Working with a wait message
    • Working with dialogs
  • Motion programming with KRL
    • Programming motions with KRL
    • Programming relative motions with KRL
    • Calculating or manipulating robot positions
  • Cycle time measurement by means of timers
  • Switching functions with KRL
    • Programming simple switching functions
    • Programming path-related switching functions
  • Interrupt programming
    • Programming interrupt routines
  • Working with analog signals
    • Programming analog inputs
    • Programming analog outputs
  • Using the submit interpreter
  • The course ends with an achievement test.
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
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