Commissioning KUKA Robots KR C4 / KR C4 compactSeminar

Target Group
system integrators, commissioning engineers
Goal of this seminar is to enable system integrators and commissioning engineers the commissioning of KR C4/KR C4 compact based KUKA robot systems. Topics covered in the seminar include mechanical and electrical commissioning of the system, fieldbus configuration with KUKA.WorkVisual, mastering the robot, tool calibration, configuration of the interface to the plc. Practical exercises are performed with KUKA College training cells with KR 16 robots and KR C4 controllers which will be commissioned during the course starting with the initial KUKA.WorkVisual project and ending with the completely functional robot cell.
  • min. 3 years of relevant vocational training
  • Safety when working with KUKA robots
  • Mounting the robot manipulator
    • Transport
    • Installing the mounting base
    • Installing the machine frame mounting assembly
    • Installing the robot: floor/ceiling
  • Overview of the KR C4 controller
    • Technical data and controller concept
    • Cabinet cooling
    • Connection panel interface
    • Safety interface X11
    • Safety functions via Ethernet-based safety interface
  • Overview of the field bus systems of the KR C4 controller
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
    • Grounding concept
  • Basic principles of network technology
    • KR C4 relevant network components
    • Choosing and assigning IP-addresses and subnet masks
    • Configuring the KUKA Line Interface
    • Establishing a local network connection with the KR C4 controller
  • KUKA.SystemRecovery
  • Performing a back-up
  • Commissioning with KUKA.WorkVisual
    • Loading and comparing projects and assigning projects to the KR C4 controller
    • Saving the initial project
    • Merging projects
    • Adding catalog elements to an existing project
  • Configuring system safety
    • Selecting hardware options
    • Changing the safety-ID of the PROFISAFE-device
  • Commissioning PROFINET
    • PROFINET basics
    • PROFINET components
    • Installing the PROFINET option on the KR C4
    • Configuring PROFINET with KUKA.WorkVisual
    • Configuring the KR C4 as PROFINET controller and as device
    • Activating safety via PROFISAFE
  • Commissioning PROFIBUS with KUKA.WorkVisual
    • PROFIBUS basics
    • PROFIBUS devices
    • Configuring KR C4 as PROFIBUS controller and as device
  • Diagnosis tools for PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • Adapting the PLC interface of the KR C4
  • Jogging the robot
    • Start-up mode
    • Axis-specific jogging
    • Coordinate systems used at the KR C4
    • Cartesian jogging (WORLD-coordinate system)
    • Jogging the robot with fixed tool
    • Jogging external axes
  • Mastering the robot
    • Mastering concept
    • Performing robot mastering
  • Modifying software limit switches
  • Loads at the robot
    • Robot payload
    • Using KUKA.LoadDataDetermination
    • Supplementary loads
  • Tool calibration
    • Calibrating TCP and orientation of tools mounted on the robot flange
    • Calibrating fixed tools
  • Calibrating a base (workpiece related coordinate system)
  • Energy supply system
    • Overview energy supply system types
    • Adjusting the dress package to minimize wear
  • The course ends with an achievement test
  • A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course
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